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Logan lives in Indiana with his wife and three children. He enjoys graphic design, painting and listening to music.

  • so-in-love-logo

    So In Love: design showing love for Southern Indiana

  • 1-iota-logo

    1 Iota: logotype for those that don’t care… not even one little bit

  • 1st-2nd-3rd-logo

    1st and 2nd and 3rd (Standard Deviation): a design based on the study of statistical data

  • 2-honeys-logo

    2 Honeys: geometric symbol for website showcasing country-inspired goods

  • 5k-logo

    5K: this design symbolizes Jesus feeding the 5,000 as transcribed in Matthew 14:13-21

  • 88-logo

    88: bold design for the year I turned 6

  • aerial-insight-logo

    Aerial Insight: logo for unmanned aerial system photography company

  • altruism-logo

    Altruism: design displaying selflessness through basic form

  • ampersand-logo

    Ampersand: a wordmark dedicated to a favorite logogram

  • amplified-logo

    Amplified Tech Services: this bold symbol melds an abstract “A” with a speaker and sound waves

  • art-reqd-logo

    Art REQD: woven swash characters give this mark the illusion of depth

  • bandit-logo

    Bandit: an ominous mark is created when “B” is rotated to form a mask

  • baseball-logo

    Baseball: the characters in this logo take the shape of the stitched area on a baseball

  • ben-franklin-logo

    Ben Franklin: this logo exhibits the famous kite and key experiment

  • block-face-logo

    Blockhead: playful design that’s also a bit creepy

  • boost-your-brand-logo

    Boost Your Brand: call to action logotype for branding

  • brandy-wade-photography-logo

    Brandy Wade Photography: this symbol uses initials to form a camera lens, body and tripod

  • brown-plumbing-logo

    Brown Plumbing: pipe wrench wraps around pipe to form a letter “R”

  • buy-linton-logo

    Buy Linton: real estate logo has subtle architectural features within the type

  • cafe-logo

    Café: an optical illusion presents itself as the coffee mug also forms a merged “C” and “a”

  • caffeine-logo

    Caffeine: progressive weight difference from left to right mimics caffeine’s bold effect

  • carnegie-logo

    Carnegie Heritage & Arts Center: logo based on the historic building’s windows

  • cine-logo

    Ciné Senior Apartments: the iconic clapperboard helps form the “É”

  • cine-posters-1

    Ciné Senior Apartments: Art Deco posters showcasing the complex’s amenities

  • cine-posters-2

    Ciné Senior Apartments: Art Deco posters showcasing the complex’s amenities

  • club-10-logo

    Club 10: logo for gymnastics facility

  • complementary-logo

    Complementary: display of opposites on the color wheel

  • conveyor-logo

    Conveyor: what better way to “convey” a word’s meaning than with the motion it creates

  • cool-mtn-logo

    Cool Mtn: initials form a mountainous landscape in this design concept

  • core-logo

    Core: logo represents the Sun, sunshine, warmth, and summertime

  • cross-logo

    Cross: bold lines and letters combine to form a cross

  • cuatro-logo

    Cuatro: logotype inspired by the basic shapes that form when joining letters

  • daily-dish-logo

    Daily Dish: logo for restaurant, fork, spoon, and plates form the Ds

  • daryn-lewellyn-logo

    Daryn Lewellyn: name logo set in Garamond with modifications to the monogram’s serifs

  • david-logo

    David: a slight alteration to the “Star of David” makes a big impact in this design

  • days-of-the-week-logo

    Days Of The Week: a weekly pill dispenser with a twist

  • divide-and-conquer-logo

    Divide & Conquer: less is more in this design based on sociology and mathematics

  • draw-logo

    Draw: simplicity and form combine to make this wordmark clean and memorable

  • ebitda-logo

    EBITDA: a “coined” economics acronym featuring a hidden design element

  • ethiopia-logo

    Ethiopia: a mark blending the country’s shape into an “e”, Amharic letters spell “Ethiopia”

  • ethiopia-logo-3

    Ethiopia: logo where “e” takes the shape of Ethiopia

  • folk-and-outsider-art-logo

    Folk + Outsider Art: wordmark that spreads letters across baselines

  • forgo-logo

    Forgo: bold design with a handful of character

  • geo-rock-logo

    Geo Rock: set in Didot, this mark merges seamlessly the type and the symbol

  • ghostly-holy-ghost-logo

    Ghostly/Holy Ghost: type can be read as “ghostly” or “Holy Ghost”

  • globe-logo

    Globe: a sophisticated logo with a shear angle matching Earth’s 23.5° axial tilt

  • go-logo

    Go: a simplified design that’s bold and direct

  • god-logo

    God: negative space forms “O” as well as a cross

  • golden-spiral-logo

    Golden Spiral: a tribute to the Golden Spiral and Fibonacci sequence

  • gooey-logo

    Gooey: fun design that plays with negative space

  • goose-pond-logo

    Goose Pond Fish & Wildlife Area: concept constructed from initials and the bill of a waterfowl

  • graphic-design-logo

    Graphic Design: a typographic experiment where “a” becomes “g” and vice versa

  • hh-3d-logo

    H&H 3D Plastics: a spool of 3D filament sits between two Hs

  • heaven-hell-logo

    Heaven Hell: this logotype finds an opportunity to bind opposites

  • highlight-logo

    Highlight: logo featuring condensed typography and interlocking characters

  • hoot-logo

    Hoot: fun design featuring geometric owls

  • horror-vacui-logo

    Horror Vacui: logotype exhibiting the “fear of empty space”

  • i-ambassador-logo

    I, Ambassador: design, highlighting “I AM,” based on 2 Corinthians 5:20 and the Christian flag

  • indiana-architects-logo

    Indiana Architects: Mondrian-inspired logo concept for architectural organization

  • indpls-logo

    INDPLS: Logo concept for the Circle City

  • j7-logo

    J7: Symbol for J•Seven Sports Grille

  • jesus-logo

    Jesus: a handwritten “J” is formed from rotating the ichthys

  • kwam-logo

    KWAM: Kids With A Mission is a young missions church group

  • lewellyn-learning-logo-01

    Lewellyn Learning: the Ls in both words form steps that show progress

  • life-thru-edu-logo

    Life Thru EDU: logo lockup for organization helping Ethiopian youths enroll and stay in school

  • lightning-logo

    Lightning: the negative space between letters and words forms lightning bolts

  • linton-logo

    Linton: logo for the City of Linton, Indiana

  • live-with-less-logo

    Live With Less: form follows function in this pro-minimalist logotype

  • lbe-logo

    Local Business Enterprises: bold initials form between building silhouettes

  • logo-design-logo

    Logo Design: this wordmark can be perceived in more ways than one

  • main-street-gifts-logo

    Main Street Gifts: logotype featuring many interlocking characters

  • matthew-19-26-logo

    Matthew 19:26: typographic design quoting New Testament scripture

  • maximum-minimum-logo

    Maximum Minimum: composed of simple shapes, this design visualizes opposites

  • mcphail-house-logo

    McPhail House: logo design featuring the house’s Craftsman gable

  • mountains-valleys-logo

    Mountains/Valleys: design illustrating life’s ups and downs

  • nazarene-logo

    Nazarene: The Cross composed of extended character stems and an extended arm from the “Z”

  • octo-logo

    Octo: design composed of multiple circles to capture the bulbous nature of the subject

  • omega-records-logo

    Omega Records: design that combines a vinyl record and the omega symbol

  • 1-on-1-logo

    One on One: a literal interpretation of a phrase that is equal to the sum of its parts

  • pelican-logo

    Pelican: logo plays with the form of the characters to illustrate the beloved water bird

  • pig-logo

    Pig: this palindromic design uses custom letterforms to shape the subject matter

  • pos-neg-logo

    Pos Neg: design illustrates the visual art technique of positive and negative space

  • preeminence-logo

    Preeminence: design depicting Christ’s preeminence from Colossians 1:18

  • puzzle-logo

    Puzzle: “E” forms in the negative space of a jigsaw puzzle piece

  • radius-logo

    Radius: custom letterforms interact with a circle’s radius

  • sandys-logo

    Sandy’s: symbol for maker of spinnerbaits

  • separation-logo

    Separation: a logotype exhibiting Scripture from Isaiah 59:2

  • step-and-repeat-logo

    Step & Repeat: design illustrates the step-and-repeat technique used for press backdrops

  • suburbs-logo

    Suburbs: this logotype is composed of shapes representing picket fence slats

  • tomato-logo

    Tomato: swash typeface mimics tomato vine, tomato borrows its shape from the “o”

  • trinity-2-logo

    Trinity: centered is golden triangle (colors inspired by Tabernacle’s fabric colors)

  • trinity-logo

    Trinity: design focusing on Christianity, rule of thirds, as well as primary and secondary colors

  • turret-logo

    Turret: logo representing a castle’s defensive tower

  • typographer-logo

    Typographer: logotype borrowing the word’s phonetic spelling

  • visual-logo

    Visual: this design represents the eye’s perception of the RGB color model

  • vowels-logo

    Vowels: design based on shameless wordplay

  • wade-logo

    Wade: stacked stencil lettering with a mix of textured photographs

  • wades-soil-investigations-logo

    Wade’s Soil Investigations: this abstract mark is representative of layered soil

  • wayfinder-logo

    Wayfinder: yellow road stripes fade into the distance, forming an abstract “A”

  • wholly-tees-logo

    Wholly Tees: logo for Christian apparel website

  • willys-wild-taxidermy-logo

    Willy’s Wild Taxidermy: the Kino MT typeface mimics the sharpness of antlers and teeth

  • xs-and-os-logo

    Xs & Os: a “lovely” design composed strictly of 45° lines and circles

  • yes-cargo-logo

    Yes Cargo: a fun take on the phrase “snail mail”

  • yes-logo

    Yes: the pinnacle of optimism, this mark is composed of a single line

  • yonas-tiku-tours-logo

    Yonas Tiku Tours: Ethiopian tourism company featuring the country’s “Lion of Judah” emblem

  • zoom-logo

    Zoom: tires from minimal bicycle graphic double as lettering